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With some of the most iconic monuments and tourist attractions in the world, Paris' architecture has a lot to offer for tourists.

Everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame, so I'm going to talk about some of the stuff you might not know:

The Statue of Marianne

"Marianne" is the allegorical embodiment of the French republic and there's a spectacular statue of her in the Place De La Republique in Paris.

The Man In The Wall

A few streets behind the Sacre Coeur cathedral, you can find this wonderful, but little known sculpture of a man passing through a wall. It was created as a tribute to the writer Marcel Ayme and is a depiction of the main character in his story "Le passe-muraille" (The one who passes through walls).

Cleopatra's Needle

One of the three 3,300 year old Egyptian obelisks known as "Cleopatra's Needles" (the other two are in London and New York). The Parisian one can be found at Concorde, at the foot of the Champs Elysees

The Statue Of Liberty

Everyone has heard of the Statue of Liberty in New York. And, it's well-known that she was a gift from France. However, few people know that Paris also has a Statue of Liberty.

It's a smaller version of the New York statue and is situated on the island next to the Pont de Grenelle (in the 16th arrondissement - in south West Paris).

Place Vendome

Another often missed attraction is the column in Place Vendome. It's actually a replica of the original monument that stood in the square. That version was torn down in 1871 by revolutionaries led by painter Gustave Courbet.

However, Courbet wasn't smiling for long as the revolt failed and he was forced to pay for a replacement!

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