Choosing A Paris Hotel

In Paris, many hotels can be overpriced and far from the city center. However, I'm going to teach you the tricks to finding an excellent, fairly priced hotel that's actually in the city center.

Check the Hotel's Post Code

Tip #1: If a hotel is actually in Paris, it will have a post code (zip code) that starts with "750".

France is divided up into "departments" each department has a number. Paris is department 75. This means any building in the city must have a postcode that starts "75". If a hotel doesn't start with "75", it's outside the city. There are no exceptions to this rule.

So, tip #1 is only stay at hotels with a code 75.

City Center Is the Place To Be

Tip #2: Central hotels in Paris have the lowest postcodes.

Just as France is divided into "departments", Paris is divided into 20 districts called arrondissements. Each of these arrondissements has a different post code (or zip code) which is 75001 (for the 1st)  to 75020 (for the 20th).

These arrondissements are numbered in an outward spiral, starting from the center.

Click here to see this: Paris arrondissements.

When choosing a hotel, try to avoid the highest numbers as you will find yourself away from the excitement and beauty of central Paris.

Finding Good Paris Hotels Online

There are a number of hotel search sites out there. One to consider is It has hundreds of Paris hotels - many with savings of 50% or more - and allows you to search by district.

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