How To Choose Restaurants In Paris

Paris has a reputation for the finest food in the world. And, while this reputation is deserved, the city also has a lot of poor and overpriced restaurants.

Fortunately, with a few inside tricks, you can avoid the bad restaurants and enjoy the sort of food (and prices) the Parisians rave about.

Tip 1: If you see a lot of tourists outside, keep walking. Good restaurants thrive on repeat business and word-of-mouth. So, they serve the best food, give good service and charge fair prices.

In the major tourist areas, there's no repeat business to be had (people are only in Paris for a short time), so more effort is spent getting people in than creating delicious meals (or courteous service once you're in).

So, rule #1 is to avoid eating in areas that are aimed at one-time visitors.

Tip 2: Look for "busy on the side-streets". If the restaurant or bistro is busy, that's a good sign. If it's full despite being down a quiet street (and, ideally, with lots of other eateries nearby), that suggests that the locals are seeking it out. This is a major endorsement from the local "gourmands". If you take their "advice", you should do well!

Is Paris Food Just Frogs Legs and Snails?

Some French food is pretty gross. And, sometimes, they eat stuff that really should be left well alone.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to escargot (snails), horsemeat, trotters etc. Paris is a major city and it's easy to find good Italian and Mediterranean restaurants, Asian and Middle Eastern food and there are even places that are 100% vegetarian or micro-biotic.

So, whatever your tastes, you won't be forced to survive on a diet of baguettes!

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